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CAPitalistReport's podcast

Oct 10, 2019

Leo Knepper has an in-depth conversation with Judge Christylee Peck. They discuss her candidacy for Superior Court and judicial philosophy.

Sep 10, 2019

Leo Knepper sits down with Spence Purnell, a Policy Analyst with the Reason Foundation and Co-Author Annual Highway Report. They discuss how Pennsylvania compares with other states and how we can improve.

Aug 29, 2019

Leo Knepper is joined by Antony Davies, the Milton Friedman Distinguished Fellow at the Foundation for Economic Education and Associate Professor of Economics at Duquesne University. They discuss the unintended consequences of minimum wage laws, and how to raise pay by increasing competitiveness. 

Aug 13, 2019

Leo Knepper sits down with Rep. Dawn Keefer to discuss regulatory reform and how Hollywood games the tax-credit system.

Jul 25, 2019

Leo Knepper is joined by David Osborne, President & General Counsel of the Fairness Center. They discuss Pennsylvania's public sector unions, legal cases, and how the Fairness Center protects government workers from predatory union practices.